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As you step into the Club from Genesee Street, the foyer welcomes you with elegance. Adorned with original artwork, a grand piano, and a newly restored ceiling, it’s the perfect starting point for your Fort Schuyler Club experience. This versatile space also transforms into a buffet area for larger events and hosts fun activities during our annual Halloween event.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Foyer

Presidents Room

This room is aptly named for the portraits of the Club’s first six presidents that adorn the walls. This room is also the site of the first electricity in the city of Utica. You can frequently find regulars of the Club pausing in their day to read the newspaper in this room, or during events this space is a favorite to set up a bar and for mingling. If you need to do an impromptu, casual meeting before or after lunch, this gives you a great space to do that, too.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Presidents Room

Reading Room

Newly decorated and cozy, this room offers a comfortable spot to enjoy hors d’oeuvres before transitioning to dinner or the ballroom. The inviting ambiance is enhanced by a fireplace, plush couch, and chairs. Notable artifacts, including autographs from early U.S. presidents, an antique grandfather clock, and ornate fixtures, add character to the room.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Reading Room

Palm Room

Nestled between the Reading Room and Oak Room, the Palm Room serves as a versatile space for various needs. From housing buffets and dessert stations to accommodating musicians or dance floors, this room can adapt to different event requirements. Its distinctive wallpaper showcases the city’s progress during the industrial revolution.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Palm Room

Oak Room

Step into grandeur as you enter the Oak Room. A vaulted ceiling, stunning windows, and ornate woodwork create an impressive atmosphere for lunches, dinners, and special events. The fireplace adds warmth during colder months, and the room’s history dates back to the late 1890s.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Oak Room

Formal Dining Area

Originally known as The Ladies Annex, this space was built to accommodate members’ spouses and children when women were not permitted to enter the front of the Club. Renovated and cherished, it has become a favorite spot for private gatherings and dinner service during events. Cozy booths offer intimate dining options.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Formal Dining Area

The Bar

Serving as both the bar and a casual lunch spot, this pub-like space is perfect for quick meals during the week. It’s also available for small parties upon request during dinner hours. During Club events, the bar becomes a popular hangout.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Bar

The Cocktail Lounge

Adjacent to the Family Dining Room, this intimate space serves as a haven for cocktails and semi-private dining for small groups.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Cocktail Lounge

Billiards Room

Engage in a game of pool on the original antique 10-foot Billiard tables in this inviting room.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Billiards Room


Find privacy in the richly appointed library, where seating for up to 10 people allows for intimate discussions. Adorning the walls are treasures that tell intriguing stories.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Library Room

Game Room

Recently renovated, this space features a 42” flat-screen TV and is ideal for poker games, card games, and even movie nights for kids.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Game Room


Our elegant ballroom accommodates banquets for up to 125 people and is suitable for professional meetings. Hosting family events, lectures, wedding receptions, and business seminars, the ballroom underwent renovations in 2008, making it more stunning than ever.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Ball Room

Cigar Room

Discover relaxation and camaraderie in our refined cigar room. Whether you’re enjoying a cigar alone or engaging in conversations with fellow connoisseurs, this elegant space offers a serene retreat.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Cigar Room

Yacht Squadron Room

A small, nautically themed space perfect for meetings of up to nine people.

Fort Schuyler Tour Yacht Squadron Room

Green Room

Once an actor’s waiting room for the Stanley Theatre, this quaint space now accommodates groups of up to 35 people. Ideal for board meetings, retreats, or small cocktail parties, the room’s convenient access ensures privacy.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Green Room

Old Annex

A cozy meeting room with an adjoining breakout living room area designed for gatherings of up to 10 people.

Fort Schuyler Club Tour The Old Annex
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