Guests and Etiquette:

Sharing the Fort Schuyler Club Experience

We invite all members to extend our club’s welcoming ambiance to their guests, contributing to our community and improving everyone’s experience.

Bringing Guests:
Members are encouraged to invite friends, family, and associates to dine and join club events. Guests contribute to the friendly atmosphere that defines our establishment.

Guiding Respectful Behavior:
As hosts, members ensure their guests understand and follow our conduct standards. Maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment is a shared effort.

No Room for Discrimination:
Discriminatory actions or remarks towards members, guests, or staff are unacceptable. We’re committed to fostering an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all.

Guest Access Without Members:
Arrangements can be made that allow guests of members to enjoy the clubhouse even when the host isn’t present.

Hosting Memorable Events:
Interested in hosting an event? Current members can sponsor gatherings in our versatile spaces with impeccable service for truly memorable occasions.

Dress Code:
When inviting guests, kindly inform them about our dress code policy. This ensures a comfortable experience for all attendees.

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